Tournament Rules (Arthur Minor Hockey)

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Arthur Minor Hockey Association


Tournament Rules

1. Tournament rules are in accordance with Ontario Minor Hockey Association. Teams are expected to comply with the rules of the tournament and the OMHA. This is a sanctioned tournament.

2. All teams are guaranteed 3 games consisting of three 10-minute stop time periods and a 2-minute warm-up from the time the gates are closed.

3. All teams are required to sign in 45 minutes prior to their first game at the registration table.

4. Games will be played to a win. If there is a tie, there will be a shoot-out (see #9 below).

5. Any team late for the start of the game will be assessed a delay of game penalty.

6. No Time-Outs are permitted

7. Home team will be designated as per tournament schedule.

8. Tournament Format: Based on the number of teams participating

4 Teams

• Following each team’s first game, winners will play the loser of the other game.

• Winners of each team’s second game will play in the “A” final, the losers of each team’s second game will play in the “B” final.

6 Teams (Round-robin)

• Two groups consisting of 3 teams each.

• Each team will play the other two teams in their group.

• Teams will be ranked at the conclusion of round-robin play based on the number of wins.

• If all three teams are tied with one win each after round-robin play, the following will be used to determine flights for the final round.

a) Goal differential (difference between goals for and against)

b) Fewest goals against

c) Fewest penalty minutes

d) If necessary, flip of a coin

• Each team will play in a final game against the team in the other group with the same ranking. (A, B, or C final)

8 Teams

• Following each team’s first game, they will continue to play a team with the same record. (winners vs. winners)

• All teams will play in a final game against another team with the same record.

• All teams will play 3 games.

9. Tied games at the end of 3rd period will be decided by a shoot-out. Coaches will list the first three players to participate in the shoot-out by numbering them one through three on the game sheet prior to the shoot-out. Shoot-outs will take place simultaneously from centre ice to each end of the ice. Goaltender cannot be changed during the shoot-out unless due to injury. Should the score remain tied after the first 6 shooters (3 from each team), the shoot-out will continue in a sudden death format (one shooter scores, the other does not, the scoring team wins). Coaches will choose from the remaining players on their list. If a team with fewer players exhausts their roster, returning to the first shooter, the opposing coach has the option of returning to their first shooter at the same time. A player serving a penalty at the end of the 3rd period will not be eligible to participate in the shoot-out.

10. If, in the third period, a team is ahead by 5 or more goals, the score clock will be run time. The clock will only stop if there is an injury. The clock will return to stop time once the losing team closes the goal gap to 3 goals. For example: Team 1 is winning 7-2 against Team 2 at the end of the second period. The clock will turn to run time for third period after the initial puck drop. If Team 2 scores a goal and the score is now 7-3, the clock will stay run time. If Team 2 scores another goal and the score is now 7-4, the clock will stop as soon as that goal is scored, and return to stop time for the remainder of the game (or the 5 goal lead is regained). Any minor penalties called during run time will still be 2 minutes and the time will start as soon as the puck is dropped for the ensuing face off after the penalty call. This rule will apply to all games, including the final.

11. Any parent, player, or member of the coaching staff will be ejected (as may the entire team) from the tournament for ANY act of unsportsmanlike conduct, with no refund.

12. Lunch will be provided for all players and coaches (details below). We ask that players sit together as a team in the community hall for lunch.  NO FOOD IN THE DRESSING ROOMS.

13. Decisions of the Tournament Coordinator, or his designate, are final.


        All rostered players and bench staff will receive a hot dog, chips, and a drink – collected at the food booth in the lower hall auditorium kitchen.